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It’s time to stop talking trash and to start doing good things

Let me tell you a little story… In 2012 I had the chance to meet some great people in Poland, they were part of a worldwide community making some software for building websites. I had used that software for quite a few years back then, and I’m still using it today. But I don’t want to talk about the software, which is great by the way, but about the community. About friendship, about appreciation, about love and about beer…

Back in 2012 I was a complete rookie in that community, but the people I met back then are still friends, not just friends, really good friends. Although I was the newcomer, they opened up to me, talking, telling stories as if we already knew each other for years… It struck me, such a big community, such well known people, I felt honoured. And up until today I still do, I feel honoured calling these people, which became more and more over the years, friends, really good friends.

Unfortunately, over the years, some people I have met in the community have changed their game masks, not to me, but to some good friends of mine, and that’s hurting. It hurts me seeing how some people like to blame others, just to protect themselves. It hurts me even more if I think how these friends of mine (could) feel about all the blaming. Where is the respect? We are a global community, we don’t segregate on religion, beliefs, culture, skin colour, gender… At least we didn’t and shouldn’t.

Nowadays I see people blaming others, for goodness sake, stop! Look at yourself, do you really want to become that person who chased and ruined others? If you even have to think about that, I doubt you’re aware of your actions, and it’s time to take a deep breath and start thinking about what you’re doing, and even better, start looking at yourself, are you able to take responsibility for things that went wrong, that you as a person messed up?

You should, it’s all about action and reaction, if you did everything correct, nobody has to step up and tell you where you made a mistake. If they do, accept it, think about it, and get better in what you’re doing… I do. I made a couple of mistakes lately, I know, because someone told me, ranted to me about it… And I appreciate they did. Am I working on those mistakes, so they don’t happen again? Yes, I try, and sometimes I need a kick to get back on track. But I’m doing this, not blaming anybody, except myself, because I did something wrong.

I’m not afraid to look in the mirror, I do take my responsibilities, if something went wrong. Talk to me, I will listen, we will talk and we will do something about it. This is the strength of a good community: communication, decent communication. And this is at the same moment our weakness, how many times have we not met up with a friend in a bar to talk about some issues we had to solve. How can we do this within a global community with different continents, different timezones? We can, we have hangouts, a tool for messaging, even phones… We have the tools, but do we have the will to talk to each other as we should? To solve problems before they infect other people as well ?

Stop the blaming, and have a decent talk, if you can’t, stop talking and respect each others point of view, whether you agree on it or not. And start doing good things, rebuild the trust, rebuild our beloved community. We are all people, we all have our issues, we all have our problems, we all have each other in this community.  

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